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If you’re looking for a great place you can trust with having your bits waxed and at a friendly price, Green Leaf Medi Spa is the place to go. We offer all types of bikini and other body areas waxes, conducted by licensed, gentle and very friendly technicians.

The Brazilian or the Hollywood?

Whether you’re a wax veteran or a wax virgin, we’re pretty sure you found yourself wondering, the Brazilian or the Hollywood? The difference lies in how much hair is eliminated in which part of your nether region. Here’s how to tell:


A regular bikini wax is done by removing hair that grows outside of your underwear or bikini bottom, thus the name. It may not be necessary for you to remove your underwear, but a professional salon would provide you a disposable one.


A French bikini wax takes all or most of the pubic hair in the front (leaving a small strip) and the hair in the middle, but leaves the hair in the back.


A Brazilian wax is all gone or a variation of the French where a small strip is still left— sometimes in a fancy shape depending on your mood or taste— but the hair in between all the way to the back by your bum is removed.


A Hollywood wax and this entails the complete removal of the hair from the location treated. It is a variation of the Brazilian, but the Hollywood wax removes hair from the front, back and everywhere in between leaving the vulva utterly bare.

Unlike other waxing salons, we NEVER double dip and only use disposable towels, gloves spatula and roll paper. Our cream-based bio-organic wax is perfect for even the most sensitive of skins, what’s more, our post-waxing tea tree oil provides an added pampering to the just-waxed skin.

Some Helpful Tips

Whatever you’re going for a Brazilian wax or getting ultimate freedom with a Hollywood wax, always keep in mind these helpful tips:

  1. Type of wax
    Some salons use hard wax some use soft wax; the difference is hard wax requires a lower temperature to apply and, therefore, is gentler to the skin especially on sensitive areas. Soft wax only becomes manageable at high temperatures but is less time consuming. Hard wax is first applied as a thick liquid. It then hardens after it cools off, and the wax is removed without the use of a muslin strip.
  2. Hygiene
    • The salon should be a clean and sanitary environment.
    • Make sure your therapist doesn’t double dip. She should use a fresh spatula or at least the unused end of the previous stick every time she applies wax on your skin.
    • Tweezers should always be sterilized.
  3. Professionally Trained Technicians
    Make sure that your wax expert is licensed and well-trained in doing this service. Conduct due diligence by checking out the salon’s reviews over the net or at least check out the site before booking your appointment. If the place is full, it’s a tell-tale sign that service is good.

At Green Leaf Medi Spa, we always make sure that our clients are comfortable, well-informed and fully satisfied with our services that are why we are fast becoming a favorite name in the salon hair removal business.

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