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Caring For Your Skin Before And After Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing could be quite a taxing experience, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow these careful tips to prepare your skin and at least minimize the pain.

Before Your Appointment

  1. Hair length. Allow at least 3-weeks worth of hair growth before booking your next appointment. If this is your first time, the rule of thumb is at least ¼ inch length or you may have the technician trim your hair down. This will allow the wax to grip the hair effectively, pulling it from the root, which will ensure a smooth finish.
  2. Perfect timing. Make sure your appointment is not anywhere near your menstrual period as your skin is more sensitive at this time, making you more prone to pain.
  3. No tanning. Sun exposure can increase skin sensitivity so avoid this at least 2 days before getting your Brazilian wax.
  4. Due diligence. Do your research. Check licenses and don’t be afraid to ask the Aesthetician questions, especially if it’s your first time to have a Brazilian wax. Our staff at Green Leaf Medi Spa are well-experienced professionals and will gladly answer questions about their training and license status.
  5. Exfoliate. Prep the area on the week of your appointment by exfoliating to open up the follicles and prevent ingrown hairs.
  6. Hygiene. Shower right before your scheduled appointment and use warm water to prep the skin and remove any creams or lotions. Make sure you are extra clean.
  7. Pain-killers. If you have low pain tolerance, take a pain medication at least half-an-hour before your appointment.

After Your Appointment

  1. Keep dry. Don’t take a bath for the rest of the day or at least 8 hours after your Brazilian wax. No hot tubs, steam or saunas either for the next 2 days.
  2. Fashion choices. Wear clean, loose-fitting clothes to avoid friction in the waxed area.
  3. Hands off. Avoid touching or scratching the waxed area as this will cause irritation and even small pimples.
  4. Exfoliate again. But only after 2 days from your wax appointment and only if the waxed skin is not irritated at all. Exfoliation at this point will prevent ingrown hairs. Use a mild washcloth with your body soap, instead of a loofah.
  5. Abstinence. Please avoid sexual activity for at least 24 hours after your Brazilian wax.
  6. Avoid the sun. If you’re getting a Brazilian wax to prepare for the beach, make sure your appointment is at least 2 days prior to your vacation. Don’t expose your waxed skin under the sun for 48 hours to avoid irritation and dark spots.
  7. No lotions and creams. For the next 2 days or at least until the redness is completely gone.

During your Brazilian wax appointment, it is perfectly normal to have reactions such as slight soreness, redness and skin bumps. These are common, especially if it is your first Brazilian wax, but they are only temporary. If you experience persistent redness or irritation, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at Green Leaf Medi Spa always make sure that our clients are comfortable, well-informed and fully satisfied with our services that is why we are fast becoming a name in the salon hair removal business.

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